STP Associate Fellows


Goals and Objectives

At the 2009 COCI Annual General Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, Fabian Benzo (2007 STP Fellow) and Aldo Alles (COCI TM) presented a new project concept – a regional safety training course in the local languages which was tested in Uruguay in 2008-9. It was proposed that this kind of regional project could be a new direction for the STP. In 2015 Fabian made a formal proposal at the COCI AGM in Busan, Korea for a regional STP-Latin America (STP-LA) project. He presented this concept at the 2015 STP Busan Workshop [Benzo (2015 STP Workshop)].

In October 2016, the first Latin America STP regional training program in Spanish was initiated. This STP-LA training in Uruguay created a center for learning increased chemical safety & security in local languages. It was a two week intensive course and Prof. Benzo reported on the success of the STP-LA project at the 2017 STP Sao Paulo Workshop [Benzo (2017 STP Workshop)].

The STP-LA trainees were designated “STP Associate Fellows” in the Fall of 2018. The second STP-LA course (STP-LA2) occurred in November 2018 and Fabian reported on both the STP-LA1 & STP-LA2 projects at the recent 2019 STP Paris Workshop [Benzo (2019 STP Workshop)].

To date nine STP Associate Fellows have been trained from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Venezuela.


2016 STP-LA Associate Fellows

Marilyn Escorcia (Responsabilidad Integral Colombia, Bogota, Columbia). Escorcia’s follow up project.



Omar Guaymas (Faculty of Exact Sciences, National University of La Plata, La Plata, Argentina). Guaymas’s follow up project.



Daniela Hernandez (Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela). Hernandez’s follow up project; view Daniela’s presentation made at the 2017 STP Sao Paulo Workshop Hernandez (2017 STP Workshop).


Víctor Mata (Normalization Unit, Directorate of Human Environmental Protection,Ministry of Health, San Jose, Costa Rica). Mata’s follow up project.



2018 STP-LA Associate Fellows

Natiela Beatriz de Oliveira (Department of Environmental Health & Worker Health Surveillance, Ministry of Health, Brasilia, Brazil). de Oliveira’s follow up project ; view Natiela’s presentation made at the 2019 STP Paris Workshop de Oliveria (2019 STP Workshop).



Pablo Garcia (Hazardous Chemical Substances, Environmental Health Unit, Ministry of Health, San Salvador, El Salvador). Garcia’s follow up project.



Fanny Quintero (Specialized Institute of Analysis, University of Panama, Panama City, Panama). Quintero’s follow up project.



Ruben Rada (Bolivian Society of Occupational Health & Safety, La Paz, Bolivia). Rada’s follow up project.




Gracia Maria Romero (Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Chemistry & Pharmacy, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras). Romero’s follow up project; view Gracia’s presentation made at the 2019 STP Paris Workshop Romero (2019 STP Workshop).