Evaluation Committee

Terms of Reference

(i) To monitor statistical data on the nature and breadth of project portfolio and the geographical spread of Task Group participation.
(ii) To examine project completion reports, identify lessons to be learned, and liaise with the Project Committee.
(iii) To collect and analyse reports from Task Group Chairs, Divisions, and Committees on responses to strategic initiatives of the Union.
(iv) To evaluate the roles and contributions of Divisions and Committees with respect to the mission and strategic initiatives of the Union.
(v) To report to the Bureau, in writing, annually on the results of the evaluations done.
(vi) To inform, after discussion in the Bureau, the National Adhering Organizations of the completed evaluations.

(item iv added with Council approval in July 2017)

Composition and Terms of Office

(i) There shall be an Evaluation Committee composed of five Members of the Bureau.
(ii) The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the members and designate one of them as chair.
(iii) The period of service of the members shall be two years.
(iv) The Executive Director shall act as Secretary for the Committee.