COCI Safety Training Program

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Since 2000, Fellows from Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, China, and Uruguay, have received training at host Companies in the U.S.A., Japan, South Africa, UK, Canada, and The Netherlands. The Safety Training Program, or STP, is coordinated by the Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI). For more information, past presentations and other resources, see the Safety Training Fellows page. Currently 1-2 Fellows from developing countries are trained per year to deliver improved Environmental, Health, and Safety programs to their institution. In 2016, an extended program in Uruguay created a center for learning with a 400-800% increase in participation.

Complementary to the STP program are the STP Workshops held during the IUPAC General Assembly/Congress; these workshops are an opportunity for the trained Fellows to present and share their experiences . The workshop held in Busan in August 2015 focused on laboratory safety as well as industry safety, security and the linkage provided by Responsible Care, and the workshop in 2013 focussed on communication and impact. The most recent workshop was held in July 2017 in Sao Paulo during the IUPAC General Assembly.

For a recent write-up about the STP, see Chem Int Apr 2017, pp. 26-18;

In recent years, former Fellows have also initiated activities of their own. See for example the STP project in Latin America (project 2018-021-1-022) or the program in India (project 2017-032-3-022).