Procedure for Publication of IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations, and IUPAC-Sponsored Books

The following procedure is intended to offer an opportunity for worldwide comment on, and possible revision of, Provisional Recommendations on terminology, nomenclature, symbols, and conventions from Task Groups and other IUPAC bodies, while at the same time ensuring that they may be approved for publication and adoption as rapidly as possible. The procedure also describes the proper process for review of IUPAC Technical Reports, Recommendations, and IUPAC-Sponsored Books.

Upon completion of an individual project, the IUPAC Task Groups or other body may publish one of two types of documents in Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), or as a book:

In special circumstances, and on recommendation of the officers of ICTNS (Inter-divisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols), the two types of document may be published sequentially, allowing easier reference to each other, but the resulting documents each labeled properly as Technical Report or Recommendations must include their own abstract, keywords, and reference section. The review process is different for these two types of documents.

A “Technical Report” is a report on the subject of a specific study, such as:

  • compilations and critical evaluations of data, or of parameters and equations
  • critical assessments of methods and techniques
  • guidelines for the presentation of methods of analysis; or for the calibration of instruments
  • determinations of specific elements or compounds in selected samples in special environments
  • studies of the biodegradability of materials
  • chemical process control aspects
  • evaluations of properties of specific materials

A “Recommendation” results from studies on nomenclature, symbols, terminology, or conventions, and its purpose is to recommend for a specific field unambiguous, uniform, and consistent nomenclature and terminology, usually presented as:

  • glossaries of terms for specific chemical disciplines
  • definitions of terms relating to a group of properties
  • nomenclature of chemical compounds and their classes
  • terminology, symbols, and units in a specific field
  • classifications and uses of terms in a specific field
  • conventions and standards of practice for presenting data in a specific field

Republication/Translation of IUPAC Recommendations

Pure and Applied Chemistry is the primary journal of IUPAC, in which all such recommendations should normally appear first. However, IUPAC encourages:

    • Republication or reproduction of any Recommendation or Technical Report or its storage and/or dissemination by electronic means. No formal IUPAC permission is needed on condition that an acknowledgment, with full reference to the source along with use of the copyright symbol ©, the name of IUPAC, and the year of publication are prominently visible.
    • Publication of a translation into another language is subject to the additional condition of prior approval from the relevant IUPAC National Adhering Organization.