Student Physical Chemistry Cartoon Competition 2013 Prizewinners

The prizewinners for the student physical chemistry cartoon competition run this year(1) by the Division of Physical and Biophysical Chemistry are:

Jenna Bilbrey, a postgraduate at the University of Georgia, USA.
Rahul Chakraborty of Vishwa Bharati Public School, New Delhi, India.
Liwah Keller of University of Toronto Schools, Toronto, Canada.
Hiroyo Ohgi, an undergraduate at Chiba University, Japan.
Gracile Roxas, a postgraduate at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines.
The goal of the competition was to clearly illustrate an aspect of physical chemistry in a manner that can enrich the teaching of physical chemistry. The winning cartoons all addressed a physical chemistry concept with some accuracy, were all highly visually appealing and of high graphical quality.

The 29 entries from 10 countries including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Croatia, and UK were judged by Professors Assaf Friedler (Israel), Jim McQuillan (New Zealand), Andrea Russell (UK) and Angela Wilson (USA) from the IUPAC Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division. The competition was prompted by a successful student chemistry cartoon competition run by the Division during IYC 2011.(2)


Jenna Bilbrey


Rahul Charaborty


Liwah Keller
Hiroyo Ohgi
Gracile Roxas



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