Terminology of Separation Methods

Corresponding Author: Tatiana Maryutina

Recommendations are given concerning the terminology of methods of separation in analytical chemistry, including chromatography, electromigration techniques, and field-flow fractionation and related techniques. Most of the terms have been drawn from papers published in Pure and Applied Chemistry. A number of new sections and terms have been included using terms proposed as definitions in the literature and to complete the areas a number of new terms have been proposed for acceptance.

The capitalization of previously accepted terms has been corrected to bring them up to date with current practice and terms have also been amended in certain cases to link the definitions specifically to chromatography “(in chromatography)”. In a few cases minor changes have been made to include both LC and GC in a term or reflect significant changes in practice, such as the universal change from chart recorders to electronic integration.

This Recommendation will be the basis for a chapter in the forthcoming fourth edition of the Orange Book.

Public review ended 30 June 2017

IUPAC Recommendations published in PAC Jan 2018, 90(1), pp. 181-231.

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