Nomenclature and Terminology for Dendrimers with Regular Dendrons and for Hyperbranched Polymers

Corresponding Author: Alain Fradet

This document provides recommendations for (i) definitions of terms related to dendrimers with regular dendrons and to hyperbranched polymers and (ii) nomenclature for naming these complex compounds on the basis of structure-based nomenclature for regular and irregular organic polymers, including adjustments required for specifying dendritic and hyperbranched macromolecular structures. These recommendations and the examples deal with organic chemical structures only, but the general principles described in this document can be applied to inorganic and to hybrid organic-inorganic dendrimers and hyperbranched macromolecules as well.

Public review ended 31 May 2017

IUPAC Recommendations published in PAC March 2019, 91(3), pp. 523-561.

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