Nomenclature for boranes and related species

Corresponding Author: Michael A Beckett

An appraisal of the current IUPAC recommendations for nomenclature of boranes and related systems has been undertaken. New developments in the field have been investigated and existing nomenclature systems have been adapted to accommodate these new developments. The principal areas considered are stoichiometric and structural nomenclature (including heteroatom and metal-atom subrogation, and substitution of hydrogen), conjoined-cage species, supra-icosahedral systems and sub- icosahedral non-standard structures. Elements of substitutive, additive and replacement nomenclature systems have been integrated into individual names to address contentious problems in boron nomenclature
that have been around for a long time.

Public review ended 31 Dec 2018

IUPAC Recommendations published in PAC, AOP 19 Dec 2019; in print in Feb 2020

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