Glossary and tutorial of xenobiotic metabolism terms used during small molecule drug discovery and development

Corresponding Author: Paul Erhardt

This project originated nearly 15 years ago with the intent to produce a glossary of drug metabolism terms having definitions especially applicable for use by practicing medicinal chemists. A first-draft version underwent extensive beta-testing that, fortuitously, engaged international audiences having a wide range of disciplines involved in drug discovery and development. It became clear that inclusion of information to enhance discussions among this mix of participants would be even more valuable. The glossary’s present version retains a chemical structure theme while expanding tutorial comments directed toward bridging various perspectives that may arise for a given term during interdisciplinary communications. It is intended to be educational for early stage researchers, as well as being a useful resource for investigators at various levels who participate on today’s highly multidisciplinary, collaborative drug discovery teams.

Public review ended 31 December 2019

Ultimately published in March 2021 as a Technical Report; see

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