Project Details Pharmaceutically Acceptable Salts of Drug Substances

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 1994
End Date:
31 December 2002


Preparation of the optimal pharmaceutically acceptable salt form of a new drug substance is a problem frequently faced by medicinal chemists who could greatly benefit from a convenient, comprehensive and authoritative source of information concerning the full range of possibilities including the more unusual salts. Such an information source is not currently available. The objective would be to review the literature and generate a review/critical compilation of information in this subject area which would be definitive and have international stature.


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Project completed – book published
C.G. Wermuth and P.H. Stahl (eds.)
PharmaceuticalSalts: Properties, Selection, and Use
Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2002 [ISBN 3-906390-26-8]

May 2011 - 2nd Revised Edition published by Wiley
P.H. Stahl and C.G. Wermuth (eds.) 
Pharmaceutical Salts: Properties, Selection, and Use“ 
ISBN: 978-3-90639-051-2, Hardcover, 388 pages

book announcement published in Chem Int. July-Aug 2011, p. 26