Project Details Relevance of Impurities in Technical Grade Pesticides

Project No.: 
Start Date: 
01 January 1987
End Date: 
31 December 2002


The objective of this project is to review information concerning the significance of pesticide impurities and provide guidance to world regulatory agencies regarding revision of their quality standards to account for the potential presence of these impurities. Accurate assessment of the potential impact of impurities is critical for assuring the safe and efficient use of pesticides. Guidance will be offered on the correct assessment of impurities in technical grade and formulated pesticides products and also for appropriate utilization of the FAO Specifications of Plant Protection Products and FAO/WHO JMPR toxicological evaluations.


Project conclusions and recommendations have been approved by the Commissionon Agrochemicals and the Environment, and the final report is beingedited for publication in PAC.

Project completed – IUPAC Technical Report published in PureAppl. Chem.75(7), 937-973, 2003.