Project Details Development of Guidelines for the Transmission of Information on Organic Synthesis (Abbreviation Guidelines and Glossary of Terms for Protecting Groups in Synthesis)

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 1993
End Date:
31 December 1999


Synthesis is a major and important component of not only organic chemistry but all chemistry. In the last couple of decades the art and science of synthesis has reached a very sophisticated level. A perusal of the existing literature in this field indicates that at present there is no systematic, standardized, universally accepted glossary of terms for chemical moieties widely used as protecting groups. Simply put, this vast field has not been formally structured and the terms used standardized. An international IUPAC Committee is the appropriate group to provide the required systematization and standardization. A working party of the Organic Division Subcommittee on Synthesis is establishing a standard protocal for the abbreviation of protecting groups, so that a glossary of terms can be compiled. The intention is not so much to change established terms, but rather to provide guidelines for future consistency. There appears to be considerable interest in this project on the part of the synthetic and chemical communities at large. There are no ongoing related activities known to the Organic Chemistry Division and this Subcommittee that overlap with this proposal.


It is undertaken to complete the previously initiated activity on “Standard abbreviations for protecting group”.

– project abandoned