Project Details Use of Chemical Nomenclature and Nomenclature-related Terms in Gold Book

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20 April 2022
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The update of the online version of Gold Book is a major project in all divisions of IUPAC. Chemical nomenclature has developed significantly during the past 25 years, and it is imperative that names of chemical compounds used in the definitions of various terms follow current IUPAC recommendations. Furthermore, there are (and will be added) entries in Gold Book and definitions from several Color Books that deal with terminology used in various nomenclature systems. This terminology must be updated as needed.


The online version of Gold Book is mainly based on the last version of the printed Gold Book (2nd edition, 1997). Many IUPAC recommendations for naming chemical compounds referred to there have been superseded by newer publications. Thus, all citations and references need to be updated, as necessary. There is also a number of entries defining nomenclature-related terminology that needs to be brought up-to-date. This project is dependent on the input from other divisions, since the review of the nomenclature and terminology involved need to be carried out to the updated entries rather than those in the current Gold Book database. Therefore, this project will necessarily be realized only after other divisions have made their revisions.
The project for Division VIII can be divided into following tasks:
(1) Review of existing terms in Gold Book that involve chemical nomenclature. They will be updated, as necessary, including their references to IUPAC recommendations. This part of the project can be started at once.
(2) New entries of specific nomenclature-related terms will be added, should that turn out to be relevant to Gold Book.
(3) Review of all terms provided by the task groups in other IUPAC divisions. The correct use of the nomenclature and citations is to be ensured. This part of the project needs to wait for the updates from other divisions.

It is expected that most work of the task group can be carried out by correspondence and remote virtual meetings, and coordinated jointly with the Joint Subcommittee on the IUPAC Gold Book. It is envisaged that the task group will meet face-to-face once during the General Assembly in 2023.


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