Project Details Capacity building of teachers on chemistry teaching with hands-on small scale experiments in high schools in Asia; Nepal

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28 April 2022
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1. To introduce and promote chemistry teaching with hands-on experiments using small amount of chemicals, called small scale chemistry.
Using this technique can prevent pollution for a safer environment and lower the risk of chemical hazard while performing chemistry experiments without compromising the quality of learning. Furthermore, it allows the students to do the experiments in concomitant with the lecture in the classroom, which is a new approach to attract the students’ interest in science.

2. To raise awareness on chemical safety, green chemistry, and the sustainable development goals.
Small scale chemistry experimentation can be the pathway for learning those three subjects which are correlated to one another.

3. To build a network of small scale chemistry teachers in Asia.
The extensively trained teachers, along with the networking with the teachers from other countries, are expected to act as trainers for other teachers in their respective countries.

4. To attract the students to further study in Science in Nepal and Asia.

5. To strengthen the role of chemistry education towards the achievement of Agenda 2030 and SDGs within the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, IYBSSD.


While practical work is essential for students in acquiring scientific and thinking skills and experiences, as well as to appreciate science in real life, it is often missing from most of the secondary schools around the world. In particular, chemistry laboratory is more dangerous and risk filled than the other scientific workplace, mainly due to the exposure of hazardous chemicals. The most practical practices to minimize chemical exposure are to substitute less hazardous chemicals in the experiments whenever possible (green chemistry), and always use the smallest possible quantity of chemical (small scale chemistry) for all experiments.

The Chemical Society of Thailand has introduced the small scale chemistry to the secondary school teachers in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines with great successes since 2014. Such activities aim at the teachers’ capacity building in teaching hands-on experiments safely, conveniently, quickly, at much lower cost and less waste. The teachers are encouraged to be creative and design their own experiments with the small scale and green chemistry principles, and safety concept. At the end of the project each year, about 10 leading teachers are able to carry on the small scale chemistry workshop further in each country. Furthermore small scale chemistry can be the tool to provide the knowledge of green chemistry and sustainable development goals to the students, as they are correlated to one another.

This project aims to promote small scale chemistry and teacher training in Nepal and Asia as well as to value the collaboration and the communication among all chemistry educator communities. In addition, it will be an activity during the International Year of Basic Sciences for a Sustainable Development, IYBSSD, to advance chemistry education promoting foundation of research works based on local resources in Nepal and Asia.


(the project is also supported by project 2015-023-1-400)

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