Project Details Global Conversation on Sustainability

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01 February 2022
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This project aims to connect and engage chemists and related professionals from the chemistry enterprise in taking effective actions towards sustainability targeting the UN SDGs and keeping track of their progress. It will result in the following benefits:
1) Implement sustainable practices’ culture among the chemistry community worldwide;
2) Promote the engagement of young and established chemists and professionals in taking actions for the benefit of society and sustainability of our planet;
3) Showcase activities pursued locally that could be applied nationally/internationally;
4) Launch synergies across different countries and continents in implementing sustainable practices;
5) Highlight opportunities for younger chemists to volunteer within IUPAC projects by enhancing the IYCN/IUPAC synergies.


The Global Conversation on Sustainability (GCS) project is aligned with the goals of IUPAC and the IYCN to tackle the UN SDGs by raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices on a chemistry basis. We plan to coordinate a one-day virtual event worldwide every year focusing on sustainability towards a common good. Each event will be independently organized. We will be providing guidelines about the event framework through instructional videos and manuals for easy information access and to promote the engagement of the chemistry community globally. Possible formats include panel discussions, breakout room sessions and lecture series (to be decided by each event organizer according to their local resources and interests), aiming at engaging individuals and/or organizations, chemical societies, academic institutions, industry, government, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, among others in fruitful conversations about actions to be taken locally, nationally and at an international level in addressing the SDGs.

The task group believes that such an IYCN/IUPAC joint project will increase the reach and promote a diverse set of activities and actions that could inspire and internationally connect chemists across all ages to take part and engage in addressing the SDGs actively and cooperatively. As a follow-up of the first-year event (September 2022), the TG aims at organizing an in-person symposium at IUPAC | Chains 2023 to discuss the topic, share experiences, network, and address the challenges faced during the first-year event. Moreover, the promotion of the independently organized events on IUPAC or IYCN YouTube channel and publications in Pure and Applied Chemistry will spotlight IUPAC projects and activities targeting sustainability.


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