Project Details Evaluated Kinetic Data for Atmospheric Chemistry

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23 February 2022
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The objective of this project is to evaluate kinetic data for atmospheric chemistry and enhance its accessibility by placing the material on an interactive site online.

See database accessible at

(see previous project 2017-024-1-100)


The IUPAC Task Group on Atmospheric Chemical Kinetic Data Evaluation is updating the evaluations for gas-phase and heterogeneous-phase processes and expanding its coverage to include aqueous-phase reactions. With the new expansion the task group will cover the full range of chemical and physical processes of importance in air quality and climate change atmospheric models. A new website is being developed at the University of Paris to facilitate dissemination of the evaluations.

The Group is planning to meet for 3-day meetings in June 2022 and June 2023 to: update data sheets; agree on recommendations for rate constants for gas-phase, liquid-phase, and heterogeneous processes; and discuss development of the website. The panel will review new data and compile and submit for publication new data sheets and a summary of recommended kinetic data for gas-phase, aqueous-phase, and heterogeneous processes of atmospheric importance. These data are needed as inputs for the next generation of chemistry-climate models for Earth system analysis for global and regional applications. The panel will consult with the IUPAC Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards to ensure documentation of results meets the IUPAC FAIR data principles.

The project addresses the following IUPAC Long-Term Strategic Goals:

  • IUPAC will provide leadership as a worldwide scientific organization that objectively addresses global issues involving the chemical sciences.
  • IUPAC will facilitate the advancement of research in the chemical sciences through the tools that it provides for international standardization and scientific discussion.
  • IUPAC will assist chemistry-related industry in its contribution to sustainable development, wealth creation, and improvement in the quality of life.

The recommended kinetic data for atmospherically relevant processes will be documented in the form of data sheets which will be uploaded to the web and published in a special issue of Atmos. Chem. Phys. here


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