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01 December 2021
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International conferences, in bringing researchers from different backgrounds and different levels of access to opportunities together, are ideal venues for educational activities to improve the practice of science, particularly in the emerging nations. A first series of 4 educational workshops in Polymer Sciences has been organized between 2016 and 2020: the themes were synthesis (2016), characterization (2017), processing (2018) and applications (2020+). A second series is now being planned, with first a workshop with element of laboratory work, second with lectures covering modeling / simulation, and third with lectures around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI).

This second series of interactive annual educational workshops (2022-2028) in polymer sciences are intended primarily for students or active researchers from emerging countries. One topic will be focused on each educational workshop, which are planned to be held one day before each of the major international meetings MACRO2022, MACRO2024, MACRO2026 and MACRO2028, lasting for half a day. Rather than be confined to a ½-day of oral presentations, it is intended that the workshop material will be made available on the IUPAC project webpage.


To start, the task group will identify experts from the committee members of IUPAC Polymer Division or the keynote or invited speakers of MACRO2022 and propose them as the course instructors for the educational workshop in 2022 (one day before MACRO2022). These lectures shall emphasize basic science, terms and concepts that are critical to experimental design and data interpretation in polymer sciences and technology. The content from the workshop will be made available on the IUPAC project webpage. Task group co-chairs will coordinate the discussions and to facilitate the interaction between the experts and the attendees and postgraduates and young researchers.

Proposed program in 2022 (1/2 day)
Theme: Polymer synthesis (in conjunction with MACRO2022, Winnipeg)
Date: Sunday, 17 July 2022
Time: 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Venue: RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Canada
Number of participants: Roughly 100 pax
Fee: (1) Complimentary for the participants of MACRO2022 or (2) USD150 (International) or CAD190 for solely attending Educational Workshop on Polymer Synthesis.


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