Project Details Gold Book Update of Terms for Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

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19 November 2021
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The Gold Book is the compendium of reference for terminology definitions, widely used all over the world. Covering chemical terms already published in Recommendations, its content requires revision and updating, for consistency of the Gold Book terms with those published more recently in IUPAC Recommendations. This project brings together experts that will revise and update the Gold Book entries relevant to Division III and its Subcommittees, covering organic and biomolecular chemistry, physical organic chemistry, photochemistry, among other areas. Conducting a thorough revision and consolidated list of updated terms, this project is very useful for academia, industry, and public policy institutions, worldwide.


There is a vast community, in Academia and in Industry, working in chemistry areas covered by Division III and the Gold Book is, indeed, the reference for the search of chemical terms and definition thereof. Hence, this Compendium must be updated, and its content consolidated with the latest terms definitions given in IUPAC Recommendations. Division III task group is composed by S/C chairs on organic synthesis, photochemistry and structural and mechanistic organic chemistry, and by Profs. Ari Koskinen and Amélia P. Rauter, experts on organic and biomolecular chemistry. Prof. Jeremy Frey (Division I), Prof. Gerard P. Moss (Division VIII), the author of IUPAC Recommendations online versions of organic chemistry nomenclature and natural products, and Prof. Stuart J. Chalk, the technical co-chair of the Joint Subcommittee on the IUPAC Gold Book, are also task group members, aiming at encouraging fruitful interdivisional and interdisciplinary discussions towards harmonizing term definitions common to other Divisions, among other issues.

The project will start by identifying terms in the Gold Book that require revision and their sources, and compilation thereof, as well as new sources, the more recent Recommendations covering those terms. The next step is the assessment and compilation of terms published in PAC in more recent Recommendations, not yet introduced in the Gold Book. Also, the identification and compilation of terms requiring modifications that result from Recommendations under public review authored by Division III members (e.g. Glossary of terms in Physical Organic Chemistry, co-authored by Prof. Ian Williams) will be carried out, in the expectation of Recommendation final approval.

The final step is also crucial and comprises the identification of terms published in PAC that were not yet validated by Recommendations. After critical evaluation, the selected terms will be listed as suggestions for independent review in future Recommendations.


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