Project Details Gold Book update of terms from the Glossary of Terms Related to Physical and Bio-Physical Chemistry

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 September 2021
End Date:


The Gold Book entries relevant to Physical Chemistry need to be reviewed to ensure that they are fully aligned with current IUPAC recommendations. This project will undertake the review and update work for entries relating to Div I activities and be performed as part of the current Union-wide effort to up-date the contents of the Gold Book. This project work will also begin the process of highlighting terms relevant to physical and bio-physical chemistry that are not currently in the Gold book. We will align this process which will with the production of the 5th Edition of the Green Book.


This project will be part of a larger effort to up-date and revise the content of the Gold Book, an activity which has been on hold for more than a decade while the format was modernized to allow future modifications and revisions to be made with greater ease.

We will initially work from a list of current Gold Book terms that pertain to the areas covered by Division I. Depending on the exact sub-field relevant members of Division I will be asked to check the definitions against PAC recommendations and the current community views. New definitions will be proposed where necessary and wider community discussions will be initiated for specific terms for which there is no current consensus.

The project will be coordinated by Commission I.1 with cross-divisional discussions taking place when relevant, for terms with different meanings in different areas of chemistry.

Finally, a start will be made on a list of new concepts and definitions to be included in the Gold and Green Books will be made (in collaboration with the 5th Edition Green Book Project).


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