Project Details Gold Book Update of Terms for Analytical Chemistry

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01 September 2021
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The Gold Book in its present online form (S.J. Chalk, 2019) contains a number of terms relevant to the IUPAC Analytical Division (Division V). Since 2009, the Division has been working on the 4th edition of the Orange Book and has prepared about a dozen Recommendations, with more than 3,000 entries. These must be reviewed and assessed for incorporation in the Gold Book. Terms already in the Gold Book, dating from before 2007, must also be assessed, although many of them will be superseded by the Orange Book effort.


The Recommendations needing review are listed in the update section of project/2012-005-1-500
A Glossary of terms relating to Solubility is the subject of a separate project.

There are 1300 entries in the present Gold Book that are attributed to Division V. These will be checked against the Recommendations.

The proposed approach will follow that outlined by the Joint Subcommittee on the IUPAC Gold Book.


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