Project Details Surveying the Green Chemistry Landscape From Research to Policy

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18 June 2021
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This project will produce a report on the global state of green chemistry. It will present results from an international survey of academia, industry, and governance on green chemistry practice and adoption, and include indicators on publications, patents industrial initiatives, and policies. The report will include an inventory of available green chemistry resources, as well as recommendations for IUPAC’s for bringing greater visibility and awareness of green chemistry.

The report will serve as resource for students and researchers, providing information on where green chemistry is being embraced and promoted, lists on useful resources (in multiple languages where possible), and where there may be opportunities for collaboration and also gaps between academia, industry, and policy.


Green chemistry and its contributions to sustainable development have been a priority area for IUPAC for more than 20 years. A report on the state of green chemistry will provide those working within and outside the field with insights into the opportunities and gaps to realize greater Impact from green chemistry research and Innovation. The information contained in the report will be gathered by open-source information research and conducting a survey.

Publication and patent indicators will be collected using scientific and patent literature search tools such as the Web of Science, SciFinder, PatentScope, and Espacenet. An analysis of policy databases for green chemistry Initiatives will also be explored, pending availability and access of these resources.

A survey will be developed for academia, industry, international and non-governmental organizations (especially those in the development sector), and government (with focus on agencies and ministries responsible for policies on science, chemical oversight, and energy and environmental issues). The survey will collect information on research interests, exposure to and knowledge of green chemistry (and green chemistry educational resources and courses), how responders prioritize (and if applicable, apply) principles of green chemistry, publications and collaborations, knowledge of industrial and policy initiatives in green chemistry and the management of chemicals, and preferred and recommended green chemistry tools and resources. The survey will be disseminated to researchers both within and outside the field of green chemistry to help identify synergies and approaches across the chemical sciences.

Additionally, the report will contain a brief overview of the history of green chemistry and how It has evolved since its initial recognition as a field of chemistry.

The scope of the project will focus primarily on the field of green chemistry and its foundations principles (embodied within the “12 principles of Green Chemistry”). However, we expect to also receive survey responses that point to the value of green chemistry in supporting the broader concept of sustainable chemistry (chemistry that improves the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services), and will call attention to any insights that result from these contributions.


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