Project Details Green and Sustainable Chemical Processes

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15 July 2021
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Among the new international green deal, this project aims to involve some big, medium and small chemical companies in the publication of papers dealing with their own chemical processes. The target is to promote the scientific dissemination of knowledge of chemical production from a green and sustainable perspective, under IUPAC impetus and umbrella. IUPAC, as an independent, worldwide scientific organization, has the capacity and the responsibility to carry out and execute such an aim.
This project also aims to identify bottlenecks faced by industry (e.g., regulations, cost, etc.) and support the transfer of research and real application results to serve as useful models to be followed by other producers of chemicals. Moreover, the physical and environmental sciences and the disciplines that deal with sustainability and the bioeconomy will be involved in the dissemination of the many scientific papers, once published.


This is a pivotal moment for green processes and products, and IUPAC cannot miss the opportunity to emerge as an authoritative and independent voice. Moreover, IUPAC cannot afford to report trivial and obsolete examples concerning green manufacturing, but it should report the best and most recent updates on the implementation of green chemistry applications in industrial processes.  The aim is to report pivotal examples on green processes and products from major chemical industries and to provide effective examples to industries all over the world under IUPAC impetus.

Companies to be involved in the project will be selected from a list of about 60 chemical industries all over the world, according to the chemical processes or the product they are actually running in their plants. Chemical industry from Europe, Asia, Oceania, and America will be involved, starting with some already represented by the current task group members: USA, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Australia. To this preliminary list, suggestions coming from all IUPAC Divisions will be added. Initially, 40 chemical companies will be selected and invited to take part in the project; the invitation will explain the scientific approach and goals of this special issue and the importance to have a precise description of their production process, in particular on chemical processes they have implemented. Criteria for the selection will include, in order: accordance to the OECD definition of Sustainable
Chemistry (see later), Metrics for Organic Syntheses (see IUPAC project 2017-030-2-041), ICGCSD Statement, and international relevance of the company. The manuscripts shall be written by chemists and include chemical content. Once the project is started and we have enough agreements from the companies, the appropriate Journals, among the Q1 quartile, will be defined (see below).We expect to have 30 papers published in total.

The goal is to first publish papers in various international journals, all referring to this IUPAC project and an over-arching special topic paper to be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC).



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