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15 September 2021
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The goal of the project is to systemize terminology and standardize the rules of nomenclature of supramolecular constructs, i.e., supramolecular polymers of various topology and supramolecular polymer materials, including polymer micelles, polymer networks, etc. The project will provide also nomenclature and terminology for supramolecular polymer interactions.


Over last two decades, the significant progress in the design of numerous supramolecular polymers and polymer-based supramolecular materials dedicated for biomedical and technological applications, requires an unification within the nomenclature and terminology of polymer-based supramolecular constructs to simplify the communication between scientists and R&D researchers of different disciplines.

The goal of this project is the elaboration of concise and legible recommendations on terminology and nomenclature of both supramolecular polymers of different topologies (linear, star, dendritic and hyperbranched) and various polymer-based supramolecular constructs such as micelles, cross-linked materials, etc. This project will assure the unambiguous determination of polymer constructs built of supramolecular interactions, i.e., non-covalent bonds.

The project requires the sweep the literature to collect all, until now known, supramolecular-based polymer constructs, to categorize them, and then to introduce the general guidelines for nomenclature of such polymer constructs. This approach requires, however, the attachment of suitable terminology as an inherent part of the document, which will be introduced to clarify the nomenclature rules.

The focus will be on non-covalent bonds which are responsible for the formation of supramolecular constructs. This project however will not concentrate on the deep physicochemical nature of these bonds. The polymerization processes such as PISA and PIPS which lead to the direct formation of self-assembled polymer objects as an effect of supramolecular interactions will be also included.

Until now, the supramolecular chemistry-related terms were included in IUPAC recommendations published in 1999, 2012 and 2013 years (V. I. Minkin, Pure Appl. Chem. 71, 1919 (1999),; J. Vohlidal, et al. Pure Appl. Chem. 84, 2135 (2012),; and R. G. Jones, et al. Pure Appl. Chem. 85, 463 (2013), The frame of elaborated documents is, however, limited to terminology such as supramolecule, supramolecular chemistry, dynamic self-assembly, co-assembly.

Forthcoming 35th anniversary of the Nobel prize awarded to supramolecular chemistry encourages the more to establish the regulations within nomenclature and terminology from supramolecules to complex polymer-based supramolecular materials.


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