Project Details Gold Book Update of Terms for Inorganic Chemistry

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14 December 2020
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There are 286 terms in the online version of Gold Book relevant to the Inorganic Chemistry Division. The majority of terms have been added to the Gold book prior to / or in 2006, the revisions (if any) are rare, cf. files histories. The aim of present project is to make these terms as accurate and topical as possible. The definitions of terms will be compared with the IUPAC Recommendations published in PAC following the latest revision of each term. Moreover, PAC Recommendations published by Division since 2007 will be reviewed for terms to be included in the Gold Book. Thus, coordinated and authoritative updates of the on line version of Gold Book will be proposed.


The online version of Gold Book revised in 2019 by S. J. Chalk is an extremely helpful and user friendly tool. However, it is not guaranteed at present that this tool is truly topical and accurate as far as the definitions of individual terms. As an example: the only release which experienced the checking and/or changing a large amount of terms (448 entries changed) was the Release 2.3., dated on 2011-10-11. The goal of this project is to check and update the entries / terms relevant to Inorganic Chemistry. Successful achievements will be gained by well-coordinated sweeping through existing terms (definitions, file histories) and bringing them into the lines within the latest IUPAC Recommendations.

Stage 1: The information materials of the current Gold Book project 2019-032-1-024 will be provided by S. J. Chalk and subsequently circulated and coordinated across task group members and Division II. These will comprise a. o. i) all the terms presently appearing in the Gold Book associated with the Division and ii) all the terms that have subsequently appeared in PAC by the Division. The team after receiving the above materials and agreeing on the roles of individual task group members will focus its expert time on the stages described below.

Stage 2: Each of 286 terms relevant to Inorganic Chemistry in the current online version of Gold Book will be categorized into sections:
Section A, terms and definitions are not superseded by the most recent IUPAC recommendations, thus no redefinitions be put in the online version of Gold Book.
Section B, terms superseded by another document (e.g., IUPAC Books or Source document), and redefinitions are required.
Section C, terms where redefinitions are required based on the IUPAC recommendations published in PAC in the period after the latest revision quoted for the given term. In addition, PAC Recommendations published by Division (II) since 2007 will be identified and term definitions within these documents will be evaluated for inclusion in the Gold Book.
Section D, terms which are obsolete and should be removed.

Stage 3: The terms grouped in sections B and C, and redefinitions of these as resulted from the project workload, will be proposed in a coordinated manner to appear in the online version of Gold Book. The proposal will include also the verification by ICTNS. The terms classified in section A will be authoritatively confirmed to remain unchanged in the online version of Gold Book. The terms from section D will be flagged throughout the project and then reviewed, before deletion suggested, by the whole Division II through electronic exchanges.


August 2021 update – The PAC Recommendations 2007-2020 have been analysed resulting in the optional list of new and/or updated Gold Book entries/terms relevant to Inorganic Chemistry. The items are of four types:
i) Entries/terms comprised in Recommendations 2007-2020 relevant of Division II
ii) Entries/terms comprised in Recommendations 2007-2020 where Division II should be added as co-relevant division
iii) Specific entry/term defining Materials Chemistry (cf. “Toward defining materials chemistry (IUPAC Technical Report)” PAC vol. 81, no. 9, 2009, pp. 1707-1717.
iv) Recommendations with no additional entry/term.

Also the categorization of the individual entries/terms into specific sections – new term, redefined or updated term, obsolete term, has been discussed and preliminarily outlined by TGMs to enable a subsequent joint procedures prior to entry suggested to appear in the Gold Book.

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