Project Details STP-LA3: IUPAC COCI Safety Training Program - Latin America, STP Associate Fellows Training (third edition)

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01 June 2020
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Frequently, in Latin America people ignore chemical hazards and chemical companies have a poor Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E) culture. The Safety Training Program-Latin America (STP-LA) aims to reverse this situation.

Until now, two STP-LA Regional Training Projects have taken place (2016 and 2018), with 83 candidates from 15 countries presented and only 9 selected. The previous editions received great evaluation from the trainees and IUPAC itself. And those nine trainees were officially designated as STP Associate Fellows in Fall of 2018 and featured prominently on the STP website.

The objective of STP-LA3 is to continue with the STP-LA by giving priority to candidates from previously not selected countries.

This 2-week detailed in-depth STP-Latin America, STP Associates Training project (third edition) represents an ongoing opportunity for IUPAC to continue to the on-going work of the STP in training students from developing countries and strengthening its regional presence in Latin America.


Lack of information is still a significant barrier to effective management of chemicals, accident prevention and emergencies response in Latin America. The most effective way to improve this situation is capacity building in SH&E through specialized training to industry, colleges and government agencies involved in the chemical management. Professionals properly trained in chemical safety of these sectors is a necessary condition to achieve a responsible handling of chemicals.

Since 2016 IUPAC had the initiative to promote and support the STP-LA, inspired and based in the original IUPAC STP. Until now, two STP-LA Regional Training Projects have taken place (2016-2018). A total of eighty-three candidates from fifteen countries on eighteen possible were interested in STP-LA. However, only nine candidates presented, from the same number of countries, were selected due didactic and financial reasons.

Some of the results achieved on the previous editions were improvement the infrastructure and equipment in companies and colleges, training activities in companies, colleges and government agencies and propose new actions to strengthen the management of chemical safety in the Brazilian health sector.

The previous editions of STP-LA received excellent evaluation from the trainees and IUPAC itself (these were highlighted at the STP workshops at Sao Paulo in 2017 and Paris in 2019). Those nine trainees were officially designated as STP Associate Fellows in Fall of 2018 and featured prominently on the STP website ( ) .

Considering this background, the present project proposes to continue this tradition with the third edition of STP-LA, would be executed following the same methodology of the previous editions, a 2-week detailed in-depth training program covering: occupational safety, chemicals hazards, handling, storage and transport of chemicals, waste management, Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), emergencies, ISO 45.001:2018 standard and Responsible Care Program (ICCA).

The focal point of STP-LA3 will be at the Chemical Industries Association of Uruguay (ASIQUR), which is an ICCA Responsible Care Member Association. ASIQUR offers logistic supports to the project consisting of installations, resources for classes, web site, communications and administrative affairs. The in-kind contribution of ASIQUR is appreciated.

Besides the improvement capacity of companies, university and governments to management the chemical risks, the STP-LA3 represents an opportunity for IUPAC to strengthen your STP and your regional presence in Latin America.


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