Project Details IYCN-IUPAC Younger Chemist Showcase

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18 April 2020
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31 December 2021
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This project aims to highlight the activity and increase the engagement of the Periodic Table of Younger Chemist awardees with the IYCN and IUPAC. It will result in many benefits, the most important being:
1) Cultivate the professional and personal development of the PTChemist awardees;
2) Highlight opportunities for the PTChemist awardees to volunteer within the IUPAC;
3) Develop programming that is relevant and of interest to younger chemists internationally;
4) Provide a platform to promote the upcoming Montreal World Chemistry Congress and other IUPAC activities (e.g., the Global Women’s Breakfast, Solvay Awards, and IUPAC-endorsed conferences); and
5) Enhance the on-line presence of IUPAC and IYCN.


Building on the IUPAC100 project: Periodic Table of Younger Chemists (PTChemists), we plan to prepare a series of webinars featuring PTChemists. The overall goal of this project is to attract more younger chemists to participate within the IUPAC, and to do so by targeting PTChemists and members of IYCN who already have some base understanding of IUPAC’s internal structure.
We plan to prepare and share one webinar each month, which will be structured based on one of the three following formats (at the discretion of the speaker):

1. Option One: a traditional presentation
PTChemists who would like the opportunity to present their research may be selected for this opportunity. We would propose grouping those interested in this option into the IUPAC division that they self-identify with. This may also provide an opportunity for someone from the division to participate in the webinar.

2. Option Two: a roundtable discussion
Multiple PTChemists participate in a collaborative discussion about topics that they (the PTChemists) are passionate about. Examples of possible topics could include the questions “What was your career path?” or “What do you see as being the future of chemistry?” Each webinar in this format would likely focus on the one issue.

3. Option Three: Q&A style discussion
Questions would be sourced from the IYCN and IUPAC social media accounts on a variety of topics and would be answered, live, by the panel. This differs from option two in that the questions will be sources externally and will be short answer.

In the event that we get more respondents than we can accommodate, we will prioritize selecting groups of younger chemists who have the greatest degree of diversity – all facets of diversity will be considered. Additionally, we are speaking with the Canadian Institute of Canada about what form the “finale” will take and we could look to incorporate those who will be available to attend 2021 IUPAC Congress in person there. Finally, we envisage this activity continuing beyond the scope of this project (potentially in a new form that is informed by the lessons that we have learned over the preceding 12 months).

We envisage having a page on the IUPAC website dedicated to this program. This would feature links to the webinars posted on the IUPAC YouTube channel, a calendar of upcoming webinars, and a page section dedicated to IYCN announcements, project activities, membership opportunities, and noteworthy publications.


On April 2 and 3, 2020, IYCN in collaboration with EYCN, organized a two-part webinar ‘CHEMISTS FIGHTING COVID-19 – A GLOBAL CONVERSATION‘, and the recording of these two sessions are available for all to see. The first session, entitled “The Status Quo” features presentations on the role that we as chemists play in fighting this pandemic, strategies for drug and vaccine development and the role of open science in this. The second session, entitled “Tools to Thrive Remotely” looks to equip you with strategies and tools to help you to adapt to this new environment: for those who now find them teaching virtually, how do you ensure that your sessions are engaging? How to maintain a healthy work-life balance when your office is now at home? And how to communicate your chemistry in a creative and engaging way!

May 6, 2020 update – A webinar on Job Hunting During COVID-19 was aired May 4th. In this video, the speakers discuss strategies to prepare yourself for applying for jobs in the current climate. The video concludes with a Q&A session featuring all the speakers.
The presentations included:
(3:20) The Chemistry Job Market after COVID-19: What we know, what we don’t – ChemJobber
(22:15) Distinguishing yourself in a saturated job market and how higher education will change after COVID-19 – Paulette Vincent-Ruz
(41:57) Job hunting seen from the other side; a recruiter’s insights – Michelle Lucas
(59:38) Job hunting during Covid-19: Where, what and how – Robert Bowles
(1:20:23) Q&A discussion

More to come!

Aug 27, 2020 update – ChemVoices debut – VISIT

Project mentioned in Chem Int Oct 2020, p. 35

Dec 2021 – Project  completed – Since its debut, a dozen of webinars primarily featuring the periodic table of younger chemist awardees ( has been organized. These webinars attracted more than 1000 views both live and on the IUPAC YouTube channel as of December 2021. The ChemVoices leadership also collaborated with the Global Women’s Breakfast task force to host a webinar and to record a series of short interviews featuring female leaders that were also posted to the IUPAC YouTube channel. To date, these videos have been seen about 600 times! The reach of ChemVoices is truly remarkable, and there is strong engagement from the global chemistry community.

One of the deliverables of the ChemVoices project was the release of the specifically designed website:
The ChemVoices leadership is currently planning the future programming to include more opportunities to promote the research that early career chemists are doing, and how this complements the Divisions and Committees of IUPAC.

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