Project Details Assessment of the Contribution of IUPAC Projects to the Achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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01 October 2020
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Application of chemical knowledge must be adapted to today’s global environment and need to support Sustainable Development (SD). Because most items of modern life are dependent or connected with chemistry, and in consideration of the expansion of the global market expected for the next decade, the scientific contribution of Green and Sustainable Chemistry will be essential for global SD. The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, UN17SDGs, are gaining global momentum.

Moreover, international organizations as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) together with Chemical Societies in all the Continents support projects and activities in Sustainable Development and Green and Sustainable Chemistry, as IUPAC did and does.

IUPAC envisages this scenario in its Strategic Plan which encompasses Vision, Mission and Core Values. At this end the Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development, ICGCSD, was established. Since its formation, IUPAC has been supporting various projects addressing global challenges through its Strategic Plan. However, the contribution of IUPAC projects to sustainable development has not been completely assessed yet. Therefore, this project aims first at assessing the contribution of IUPAC projects to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are integrated and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: economy, society, and environment.



2020-011-2-041_update_20201116Preliminary assessment of the contribution of IUPAC Projects (2000-2019) to the achievement of the UN17SDGs was carried out voluntarily in 2019, and the obtained data was presented and discussed with the representatives of IUPAC Divisions and Committees at the Round Table Discussion of Symposium 8.5 – Chemistry Addressing the UN-17 Sustainable Development Goals at the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in Paris, France, in July 8th, 2019

The Symposium was successful, and all Divisions and Committees representatives showed a strong interest to contribute to this project. It was agreed that it is important and timely to carry out a complete assessment of IUPAC Projects to the SDGs. This IUPAC and UN17SDGs project not only reflects the contribution of IUPAC projects to the achievement of SDGs but also finds a synergy between IUPAC projects and demonstrates IUPAC as a necessary, important, and valued contributor to the SDGs. This project will increase the visibility of IUPAC as a knowledge sharing organization on the conscious management of chemicals.

The Project will be executed according to the following tasks:

Task 1: Survey of all IUPAC Projects and categorize them according to the SDGs
Task 2: Project Meeting at the International Summer School on Green Chemistry in Venice, Italy, July 5-10, 2020 (online).
Task 3: Classification of IUPAC Projects according to IUPAC Committees and Divisions
Task 4: Identification of a synergy between IUPAC Projects
Task 5: Project Meeting at the European Chemical Society Conference, 2021, Thessaloniki, Greece, National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, and Green Chemistry Institute of the American Chemical Society.
Task 6: Development of project materials for open-access online database within the platform to demonstrate the contribution of IUPAC Projects to the achievement of SDGs.
Task 7: Project Meeting at the 48th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Montreal, Canada, August 13-20, 2021
Task 8: Preparation of Report and Recommendations for Future Strategic Plans of IUPAC to achieve SDGs


Nov 2020 update: The task group held a couple of virtual meetings and reiterated the project plan – see PDF

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