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01 February 2020
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31 December 2021


The IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge <> was conceived as a combined activity to celebrate the centennial of IUPAC as well as the International Year of the Periodic Table in 2019. As such, it was run from the IUPAC100 website. The original Periodic Table Challenge ran throughout the 2019 and attracted over 10 000 unique players from all continents and 136 countries. Such a global reach and exposure to IUPAC is significant when compared to its 50+ IUPAC National Adhering Organizations. It quite literally brought the world to the IUPAC.

Based on the success of the IUPAC100 PT Challenge (original project 2017-031-1-050), this Project aims to continue this activity. It is intended that the IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge will become a permanent feature of IUPAC and serve as an entry point to IUPAC for many students and educators worldwide.


After successfully running the IUPAC100 PT Challenge throughout the year 2019, the Challenge will be made available directly from, linked to the pages relevant to the Periodic Table. Only the first round will be preserved (the 2nd round was the Nobelium contest especially designed for IUPAC100). Maintenance will be minimal and the PT Challenge will be preserved one the quiz platform currently used.  Other technologies which enable seamless google translation of the questions to assist the majority of foreign players will be explored.

In the PT Challenge, users are challenged to answer 10 randomly chosen questions about the chemical elements. Those who answer enough correctly receive certificate (pdf). The global map feature showing the locations of all participants (as assessed from their IP addresses which avoids false self-declarations from exotic places) will be retained as it highlights the breath of the PT Challenge. From the 2019 experience, it is expected that PT Challenge will be played both individually and by groups of students in schools. People entering the contest are challenged to look up the answers using the internet which eventually leads to further learning about the chemical elements. Currently, the PT Challenge consists of 150 questions covering all 118 elements. Additional questions will be added in the 2020 edition.


The IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge 2.0 was launched 2 June 2020 and within 6 weeks, over 15 000 tests have been taken from 110 countries/regions. The Arabic version of the challenges was launched mid July and the Spanish and Chinese version available July 27.
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