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20 December 2019
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To develop and support a newsletter to facilitate the Drug Discovery and Development (D3) subcommittee’s commitment to the challenges and opportunities in this area, both scientifically and in the pharma industry.

This electronic newsletter will be complimentary to IUPAC’s Chemistry International magazine and will focus on “Drug Discovery and Development Chemistry”. It will principally highlight contemporary scientific topics pertinent to Drug Discovery and Development Chemistry and be circulated to all Division and subcommittee members as well as much broader pharma industry and academic communities to enhance the visibility of the D3 subcommittee, and facilitate recruitment of new subcommittee members.


The fields of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development are constantly evolving, in both the identification and validation of new scientific approaches and also in commercial and regulatory considerations. The PhRMA organization now represents the community of (bio)pharmaceutical companies. Traditionally, D3 has been comprised of members whose expertise stems from many years in either academia, industry or both. There is both the opportunity and the need to enhance and continue to evolve D3 to be responsive to the rapid changes in the associated fields. In addition, the international composition of D3 can limit the number and types of interactions amongst its members to the biannual meetings, shared between the US and Europe.

The concept of the newsletter is to establish and support ongoing communication amongst its members beyond the meetings, facilitate presentation and discussion of new and evolving science and commercial opportunities and challenges, build from the expertise and experience of its members, promote the current activities and solicit new ideas, enable new member recruitment, promote the value of D3 members expertise in providing thoughtful introduction and comments on new science and technology.

The newsletter can also serve as a resource for sharing recent publications of interest, publicly available industry reports, introduction of topics for moderated discussion, list recent relevant honors and occasions, further promote the announcement of the Richter Prize and other relevant competitions and funding opportunities. The goal of including a reviewed/commentary on a new paper/technique/issue can be used for educational purposes as well.

Note that this newsletter is not intended to compete with CI and has different objectives: a focus on the drug discovery and development (D3) community and to highlight that the SC D3 agenda goes beyond glossaries, thus enabling it to attract younger chemists.

The process of the editorial review will be taken care of by the project team. It is is a matter of trust that the Newsletter be sustainable, and the project leaders have ideas, expertise and the will to make this Newsletter a success.


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