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22 August 2019
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To establish and to disseminate throughout the international polymer community a guideline of basic terminologies of aggregates composed of polymer chains and related molecules.


Polymer chains and supramolecules often form aggregates having characteristic shapes which may arise from or may be independent from chemical and stereochemical structures of the chain or the molecule. While aggregate formation of polymers is already an important subject of research work encompassing various aspects including structures and properties and a significant number of relevant articles have been published, there has not been a guideline of terminology for aggregates, and authors are using non-systematic terms and names in most cases.

This new project will provide guidelines for systematic terminologies to be applied for various aggregate structures composed of polymer chains and related molecules. Aggregate structures cannot be always properly described by simple modification or derivatization of the names of source polymer chains, and, so far, names of plants, food, or cultural symbols have often been used to describe them on the basis of apparent structural analogies. Choice of terms for the same object hence can vary depending on cultural backgrounds of the author.

This project will deliver recommendations for terminologies with which one can unambiguously identify polymer and supramolecular aggregates structure without any potential confusion and will further study feasibility of nomenclature for aggregates. It will however not deal with aggregates in biological systems.


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