Project Details Good Reporting Practice for Thermophysical and Thermochemical Property Measurements

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01 July 2019
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Thermophysical and thermochemical properties are frequently measured during scientific research funded by public money. While the primary goals may be different, the measured property data represent an independent value. Valuable data have been lost in the past because of not publishing or publishing without necessary details. The goal of this project is to justify the needs of the stakeholders, users, and readers, in publishing measured property data, and to identify the information that makes the representation sufficient. Those recommendations can be accepted by researches, publishers, and granting agencies to increase efficiency of the research and better serve the community needs.


The project was inspired by the fact that a great number of thermophysical/thermochemical property data measured in scientific projects funded by public money and supposed to be available to the community, have not been published at all or published in a form precluding their usability, and the problem still persists increasing the magnitude of the loss. The participants of the project are representatives of companies needing such data and contributing to research funds, companies and professionals doing property data analysis and predictions, and experts in thermophysical sciences. They will develop, justify, publish, and show support for the principles of publication of property data measured during research funded by public money.
That publication will include the following parts:
– Uses of property data and justification of the need for them;
– Desired forms of property data publication;
– Information needed to completely define the data;
– Information needed to support the reliability of the data;
– Examples covering particular types of properties and measurements.
The most common recommendations are expected to be applicable to a wider scope of measurements.
To our best knowledge, no general guidelines exist determining whether the measured values should be published and what information should be provided. Expressing and justifying the needs of the community in measured data is a necessary step toward reassessment and improvement of the situation and preventing losses of valuable data in the future.


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