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01 April 2019
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The Safety Training Program [STP] is part of the ongoing series of “flagship” activities of COCI.

The STP Workshop has be used for several initiatives: a) to communicate to IUPAC leadership, the Chemistry community and the public at large the history of the STP; b) report on the recent activities by STP Fellows and Associated Fellows of the STP program in their home countries; c) to learn from invited speakers who are experts in health, safety and environmental matters; d) and to solicit ideas for improvements in the STP program and for possible expansion to incorporate Host Companies and new regional trainees.

STP Fellows who have been trained at Host sites write follow up detailed reports which are posted on the revised IUPAC STP website (

In addition to two presentations providing an overview of the history of STP, some STP Fellows and Associated Fellows will attend the STP Workshop to present updates on their actions taken since their training. A report will be written to summarize the STP workshop activities, and this will be posted on the STP website along with copies of all the presentations. A version is planned for publication in CI.

(See preceding project in this series)


The Safety Training Program [STP] is part of the ongoing series of “flagship” activities of COCI. It informs safety experts from developing countries about safety and environmental protective measures by visiting and working in plants of The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry [IUPAC] Company Associates in the industrialized world. IUPAC COCI administers the STP to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on safety and environmental protection in chemical production. The beneficiaries are expected to use the training in their home countries to improve health, safety and environment.

This STP Workshop is planned as the next in the series and part of the activities at the 50th IUPAC General Assembly and IUPAC 100 celebrations during the meeting of the Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI). Earlier workshops were held at the IUPAC Congress in Ottawa in 2003; at Beijing in 2005; at Turin in 2007; at Glasgow in 2009; at San Juan in 2011 and as part of the General Assemblies at Istanbul in 2013: Busan in 2015 and San Paulo in 2017 (see project 2017-009-1-022).

COCI initiated a STP in 1992. It was re-established and re-vamped in 1999 by Dr. Mark Cesa and the tradition continues to this day. To celebrate this, the theme for 2019 STP workshop is “Celebrating 20 years of IUPAC COCI Safety Training”.



April 2019 update – The proposed agenda for the meeting in July 2019 is as follows:
1) The STP Workshop will start with keynote speaker Dr. Mark Cesa who will highlight the “Beginnings – the early STP History to 2012”, followed by Dr. Bernard West (“Building on Past Successes – STP 2012-2017”).
2) A speaker from CRDF will highlight the CRDF-STP partnership or by our 1st Fellow will provide her story over 20 years.
3) The latest STP Fellow will describe his recent training at Bayer AG, Germany followed by the Host Co. Bayer providing their experiences & lessons.
4) The STP-Latin American regional program for Associate Fellows training will outline the history, learning and perspectives;
5) followed by an STP Fellow and STP-LA Associate Fellows providing updates.
6) The Current STP status and future will be discussed by the STP Co-ordinator.
7) The STP Workshop will close with a group discussion to identify ideas for improvement and expansion of the scope of the Safety Training Program.

Presentations by each speaker, their bio’s and a summary of the STP workshop results, will be posted HERE.
The STP Workshop is scheduled during the GA on the second COCI day (July 8). As happened in Sao Paulo, most members of COCI should attend along with a large contingent of Young Observers and other IUPAC GA participants. All Participants of the GA and Congress are welcome.

Dec 2019 update – Plans are being made to coordinate a STP Workshop in Montreal in August 2021. Stay tune for more details!

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