Project Details Preparation of the 5th Edition of the IUPAC Green Book

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19 November 2019
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Preparation and publication of the 5th Edition of the Green Book (GB) (paper and online/digital publication) and supporting papers and outreach programme.


Review of Green Book content
The contents of the 4th Edition of the Green Book will be reviewed by the Task Group in consultation with the IUPAC divisions and committees, to identify which aspects should be retained (e.g. should all the data tables be retained), what areas need to be revised, enhanced or deleted, and which topics needed to be added (e.g. perhaps less emphasis on data tables, and more information on NMR, nanoscience, computational chemistry and simulations, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics etc.)

We will also review the biophysical areas represented by Div I and generate such materials as needed to be included in the Green Book or as a supplement to the Green Book specifically Bio-Physical materials.

Digitally Native Book
We plan to carefully evaluate the methodology used with the preparation of the Portuguese version of the 3rd Edition which created an XML version of the Green Book and tested the software infrastructure to use this XML version to derive the print versions. This would in principle enable the production of more versatile Web based versions of the Green Book in addition to the printed book.

This would also facilitate semantically marked up content very suitable to link to the evolving Gold Book and provide and online resource to be used by others in generating correct text for other publications which use the material in the Green Book (i.e. symbols and units).

This work links to the project supported by CPCDS on the Gold Book and work by CODATA & IUPAC on representation of Units.


Project announcement published in Chem Int April 2020, p. 28

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