Project Details Green Chemistry in Mongolia

Project No.:
Start Date:
31 July 2019
End Date:
14 September 2020


Series: Flying chemistry educator program (FCEP) – see CCE page for more info

In Mongolia, Green chemistry concept is not clearly and equally in all levels of the education systems such as secondary and high educations.The aim of project is to organize conference (seminar/workshop) “Green Chemistry” to improve understanding of the importance of Green Chemistry for intended stakeholders and provide instructional material for universities and schools.


This project will involve the following activities:
• Translation of instructional materials for the stakeholders
o Task group member from NUM will translate the instructional material which received from delegates of IUPAC
o Instructional material in English/Mongolia will deliver to participants before workshop
o During the workshop the lectures/speech will run with oral translation also

• Organization of a conference on Green Chemistry > see event

Conference topics are following:
– Core concept, main principle and history of green chemistry
– Implementing green chemistry laboratory exercises, and green activity of instructional/research laboratory
– Opportunities and experiences to integrate Green chemistry into secondary school curriculum
– Opportunities and experiences to integrate Green chemistry into chemistry and chemical engineering curriculum of University
– Experiences of Green chemistry in manufacturing and technology

Another IUPAC program known as YAC will be held just after FCEP > see project 2018-015-2-050


Event report: Apotheker, J., Marakova, A., & Visa, A. (2020). Flying Chemistry Educator Program in Ulang Bataar, Mongolia, Chemistry International, 42(1), 37-41;

A separate report will cover the YAC event (see project 2018-015-2-050)

project completed

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