Project Details Development of a Technical Symposium on ‘Innovative Chemistry for Environmental Enhancement’ for Theme 3 ‘Chemistry for the Environment’ at the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Paris, 2019

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22 October 2018
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08 November 2019
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Chemistry and the Environment Division
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The project’s aim is to coordinate and organize a symposium to be included in the ‘Chemistry for the Environment’ programme in the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2019 in Paris and organize the Division VI Chemistry of the Environment Award competition.
The proposed Symposia is 3.5 ‘Innovative Chemistry for Environmental Enhancement’ and comprises three half-day sessions:
3.5.1 Innovative chemistry in industrial solutions
3.5.2 Advanced techniques for pollution and waste reduction
3.5.3 Novel approaches to tackle global environmental challenges

This symposium will enable scientific and professional exchange related to themes and topics associated with the work and expertise of Division VI membership.


Increasing global economic competitiveness, social inequalities and the dimension of environmental problems have raised awareness of the need to change the technological paradigm and challenge the technological status quo. Environmental innovations are essential in reducing environmental impacts and resolving the environment vs. economy dilemma, and chemistry has a significant role underpinning these innovations.

Environmental innovations can be achieved via a combination of inputs, such as raw materials, energy and labour. These innovations may be specifically developed to targeted environmental damage, for instance, in response to regulations; or their benefit is the result of the environmental components of other types of innovations. In this symposium, we explore the role of innovative chemistry in:
a) end-of-pipe solutions in which a technology is applied to a preexisting production system;
b) technologies for pollution and wastes reduction and control; and
c) approaches to tackle global environmental challenges.

The symposium ‘Innovative Chemistry for Environmental Enhancement’ aims to highlight how chemistry play a significant role in underpinning environmental innovations and is essential in reducing environmental impacts and resolving the environment vs. economy dilemma. The symposium includes topics which are relevant to the work and expertise located in the IUPAC Division of ‘Chemistry and the Environment’ (Div VI).

The Division sponsors a number of active related projects and can bring as invited lecturers a series of project team leaders and members representing several of these projects from a variety of countries. It is therefore proposed that the Division coordinates and organizes a symposium to be in included under the ‘3.5 Chemistry for the Environment’ theme.

3.5.1. Innovative chemistry in industrial solutions – This session celebrates the key role of chemistry Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) in providing innovative solutions to a number of industrial processes to overcome pre-existing challenges, including regulation compliance, carbon footprint reduction, waste and energy consumption minimisation, performance enhancement, sustainability attainment.

3.5.2. Advanced techniques for pollution and waste reduction – This session focuses on the contributions of chemistry in advanced treatment of pollution and the alternative solutions to minimise the release of pollutants into the environment. The development of circular economy is particularly important in overcome the challenges related to our finite resource and waste production. Innovative chemical process and techniques in recycling and valorising wastes will be particularly welcomed.

3.5.3 Novel approaches to tackle global environmental challenges – This section highlights how novel chemical approaches are helping to meet some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals e.g. providing clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy. We particularly welcome contributions that provide solutions to environmental challenges in the developing world.


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This symposium has secured the support of Syngenta.

Nov 2019  update – A manuscript on the symposium has been submitted to Chemistry International and will appear in the Jan 2020 issue.

Project completed

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