Project Details Young Ambassadors for Chemistry (YAC) in Mongolia

Project No.: 
Start Date: 
01 May 2019
End Date: 
07 October 2020


The intended project will be carried out in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, tentatively in September 2019. The project will include:
1. a workshop for teachers with focus on producing products with sustainable local resources to relate chemistry to daily life. One of the most possible topics is “Functional Polymer”.
2. a public event in a public place (shopping mall, many other possibilities, suitable as ‘public venue’) where the trained teachers guide their students to promote chemistry to the public, so act as Young Ambassadors for Chemistry with media coverage e.g, TV, written press, social media.
3. a students run chemistry workshop for elementary school students and their parents.

After the workshop, the teachers will run a public event with students to promote chemistry as a subject directly related to everybody’s daily life. The plan is to produce and use the products in a way teachers in Mongolia will be able to sustain this activity once the workshop is completed.


The Young Ambassadors for Chemistry projects (YAC) to increase public interest in chemistry have been carried out from 2004 to 2014 using a ‘Train the Trainers’ approach with teachers and students in 17 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, with partial IUPAC/CCE funding and much external funding from local organisations, Chemical Societies, Ministries of Education, and industry. (see former project 2003-055-1-050 and 2007-005-2-050 for write-up and references)

By using the accumulated experiences, we will extend the YAC activities to more countries.
After the course for teachers, followed by the public event with students, the experienced high school students will run a workshop for elementary school students and their parents, so that these young students, by talking about their experiences during the workshop with their friends afterwards, will act as our Youngest Ambassadors for Chemistry in the community!

Proposed schedule
Day 1 and 2 – Workshop for Teachers (Role of YAC, Materials to illustrate the role of chemistry in our lives).
Day 3 AM – Public event by high school students guided by the trained teachers with high school students.
Day 3 PM (or day 4 ) chemistry workshop by elementary school teachers and high school students for elementary school students and their parents.

The organisers will assess results of the teacher training and the teacher organised YAC event (workshop and public event) with students in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Another IUPAC program known as FCEP -Flying chemistry educators program- will be held just before YAC (see project 2018-040-3-050 for details) . The combination of the two programs is expected to enhance teachers’ and general public’s attention toward the role of chemistry.

Report published in Chem Int Oct 2020, p. 42

Project completed

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