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01 July 2018
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The web has enabled scientific communication to evolve from print-based document-centric information architectures to digital data-based architectures. Cross platform communications require open standards for chemical representation, and through the development and implementation of InChI, IUPAC plays a key role in this evolution of science. Yet today, in a world where virtually all practicing chemists use the world wide web, many are oblivious to the existence of InChI, and how it could impact their practice of science. This project seeks to create an Open Education Resource of InChI related material to assist practicing scientists in learning about and benefiting from InChI.


During the August 2017 InChI Trust meeting an Education/Training/Outreach (ETO) working group was formed, the InChI Trust-ETO. This project seeks to support the development of an InChI OER (Open Educational Resource) that the InChI Trust will continue to support after the initial development. OERs are important educational resources that leverage the world wide web to make educational material both discoverable and available on a global scale. OERs also function as platforms for educators and other stakeholders to discuss and develop educational content and practices.

The InChI OER will contain two content types. The first are material (web pages) on content posted offsite, which link to the offsite material and may include non-OER publications. This allows off-site material to be discovered and discussed within the InChI OER portal, thereby allowing the InChI OER to be as comprehensive a resource as possible. The second content type is actual OER material that contributors can post to the InChI OER, and this material can be reused, repurposed and translated to other languages as the user community sees fit. Each OER content item will also be associated with a DOI, and possibly submitted to a service like FigShare.

As such the InChI OER becomes a platform to both disseminate information on, and to promote the use of InChI. By bringing about an increased awareness of the IUPAC InChI chemical identifier, both within and without the classroom, this project has the capacity to bring about a greater awareness of IUPAC’s work, and contributions to science.


The Open Education Resource (OER) devoted to the use of InChI in the chemical sciences is under construction at

The site include two types of content: 1. On-site content, which is open access, and material that you can download and reuse as you see fit; and 2. off-site content, for which a page devoted to a resource related to the use of InChI like a publication, and linked to that publication has been created. (The off-site material may or may not be open access.)

If you have material you would like to contribute to this resource please contact Bob Belford, [email protected].

August 2018 – A poster about this project was presented at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) at the University of Notre Dame, IN (29 July – 2 Aug 2018), The poster PDF is available here and has been uploaded as one resource <> in the platform currently being developed.

Nov 2018 update – Project announcement published in CI Oct 2018, p. 31;


August 2021 update – Similar to the two presentations made in the spring (March 22, 2021: NIH Virtual Workshop presentation on “InChI OER: Open Education Resource” and April 16, 2021: Open meeting of the Training, Outreach and Education working group) one presentation was made August 12 to the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education during the General Assembly. 12 people attended the open meeting, and the following items were brought:
• Need to build a better landing page
— integrate a “recommended article” on landing page’
— Integrate training material on how to use the InChI OER
— Ehren Bucholtz (UHSP) offered to mentor an independent study student on building this material during the Fall 2021 semester.
• Develop IP material for technology transfer courses
• Develop patent search material for technology transfer courses that may be of interest to business and engineering curriculum.
Future Work: Submit an article to Chemistry Teacher International or Pure and Applied Chemistry after completing the work on the landing page.

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