Project Details Bridging Ethnic Food Cultures through Chemistry

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Start Date:
21 January 2019
End Date:


To give a chemistry-based rationale on the benefits of the food cultures of India, Russia and Europe and to educate on the valorization of functional foods for disease prevention.


Aiming to explicitly address the role of chemistry for human health and well-being, the chemistry of foods and condiments, in particular of the active principles and their pharmacological properties will be presented, e.g. in recipes typical from Russia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and India gastronomy. Scientific knowledge will be updated for the last five years, and the recipes will be accompanied by the most recent scientific findings on the chemistry of the recipe ingredients.
The following topics will be covered:
i) Chemistry/bioactivity relationship studies of herbs, vegetable and other food components, and their role in promoting a healthy human body.
ii) The chemistry of foods, condiments and ingredients by food processing and cooking.
iii) Risk assessment and safety issues related to foods.

The outcome of the project will be disseminated through the website (see also project 2013-054-2-300) and will have impact the scientific community expert in chemistry, food chemistry, chemical biology, medicine, pharmacy and of course, the general public. It will offer scientific knowledge on the chemistry of foods in different cultures, in the perspective of the role of chemistry for a healthy life and disease prevention.


The outcome of the project will be disseminated through the website 

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