Project Details Solubility in Systems with Potassium Nitrate (Part 3 of Volume 89 of the Solubility Data Series)

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Start Date:
01 August 2018
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This project will compile and evaluate all available solubility data in water systems with potassium nitrate, being the logical continuation of the projects devoted to lithium and sodium nitrates.


Under the direction of the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data (SSED) of the Analytical Chemistry Division, the IUPAC Solubility Data Project (SDP) compiles and evaluates data on solubility and disseminates the resulting information to the widest possible range of users by traditional (printed) and electronic (web-accessible database) means.
The Solubility Data Project has focused on five subject areas of wide importance. The systems to be covered by this project fit into one of these priority areas, Solubility Related to Industrial Processes. Nitrates are important in the production of fertilizers. In this context, nitrates deposition in soils and following dissolution are important phenomena in environmental science. Besides, potassium nitrate finds use as rocket propellant a component of fireworks. It is also one of the major constituents of black powder. The importance of nitrates as model electrolytes in general investigation of electrolyte solutions must be mentioned as well.
The respective systems were not covered yet in Solubility Data Series.


April 2020 update: The basic literature search is completed, most of the cca 250 articles localized and copied. In the time present, localizing and copying of articles has been made in the case of secondary references (i.e. the articles not localized during the literature search however quoted in the compiled articles) and in the case of old and/or local articles (provided by M. Skripkin if in Russian and other members of the team when necessary). Simultaneously, the articles have been converted to the form of the Solubility Data Series (as yet cca 100 articles, cca 170 pp.) . The material for Critical Evaluation has been prepared as it appears during the compilation procedure (with the collaboration of V. Zbranek).
In the same way as in the case of Part 2, the preparation of the Volume has been characterized and complicated by great amount of source articles. Nevertheless the completion date of the end of 2022 will be met provided no unexpected complications occur.

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