Project Details Mutual Solubility Halogenated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons C1-C14 with Water

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Start Date:
01 August 2018
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This project will update and re-evaluate solubility data for all halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons C1-C14 with water. These systems were previously treated in Volumes 60, 67, and 68 of the Solubility Data Series, which were published in 1995 and 1999 and are now out of date and difficult to obtain.

Now the data can be evaluated in a way that was not possible previously. This can be achieved due to our previous works on evaluation of the binary data and due to new theoretical achievements.


Under the direction of the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data (SSED) of the Analytical Chemistry Division, the IUPAC Solubility Data Project (SDP) compiles and critically evaluates data on chemical solubility and disseminates the resulting information to the widest possible range of users by traditional (printed on paper) and electronic (web-accessible database) means.

The systems to be covered by this project fit within the priority focus area Solubility Related to Industrial Processes. Halogenated hydrocarbons-water solubilities are important to many industrial processes. Because of the importance of these systems they were treated early in the SDP. The resulting volumes (SDS 60, 67, and 68) were published about 20 years ago and are now both out of date and difficult to obtain. This project will update the previous volumes by compiling new data and reevaluate all systems with new reliable methods due to new theoretical achievements.


Feb 2021 update – The main part of the job has been done. Only the database should be updated with data published in the open literature, in particular in 2020. This work (but only this part) was slowed down by the unexpected consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. New data should be included in the critical evaluation process. In my opinion, everything is nearly in time.

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