Project Details IUPAC Safety Training Program Fellows Training at Host Company

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23 May 2017
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The STP Fellow training is the key part of the continuing Safety Training Program.

The Goal of the program is to build capacity in countries that are developing and/or using or producing chemicals.
The chosen Fellows travel to HOST company for two to three-week training. COCI reimburses the travel cost of the Fellow from their home to the HOST once they have submitted a satisfactory report on their training. The HOST company supports the costs associated with the training [accommodation, travel, meals etc.]
This project is to arrange funds for the travel expenses for at least three Fellows, and including training at SOLVAY in the UK and Belgium.


The Safety Training Program allows safety practitioners from developing countries to learn more about safety and environmental protective measures by visiting and working in plants of IUPAC Company Associates in the industrialized world. IUPAC administers the Safety Training Program to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on safety and environmental protection in chemical production. The beneficiaries are expected to use the training in their home countries to improve health, safety and environment.


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