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04 April 2017
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The NPU terminology is an evolving international medical laboratory terminology that is used in the health care IT system. However, the litterature of the terminology is assorted in at least 16 publications that are not updated.
The objective is to establish an updated manual of the NPU terminology, comprising the principles and special rules in the terminology. The manual is to provide easily searchable and updated information. The Dynamic NPU manual will be a freely accessible online manual on the website.


In the health care sector, millions of patient results are communicated between the medical laboratory information systems and the electronic health journals so patient results can be presented to the doctors, nurses and/or patients. The ability to communicate in a precise, standardized and correct way (semantic interoperability) is essential to avoid misunderstandings and errors that potentially can jeopardize patient safety. The NPU terminology provides an international medical laboratory terminology that is standardized and in agreement with the international metrological terminology.

In order to use the NPU terminology in the medical laboratories a certain understanding of its principles and rules is needed. This is provided by the IFCC-IUPAC publications (e.g. Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Recommendations 1995) (Silverbook) and other IFCC-IUPAC publications). However, these are single publications that cannot easily be updated.

This project proposes an online dynamic NPU manual that contains all the principles from the IFCC -IUPAC publications and a list of all the kinds-of-property used in the NPU terminology, presented along with many practical examples. Moreover, when new models to describe the laboratory findings from IFCC -IUPAC publications and/or principle decisions from the Committee/Subcommittee on Nomenclature for Properties and Units (C-SC-NPU) emerge, the users can find the newly updated information in the manual. The presentation of the manual will be reviewed by intended stakeholders so the dynamic NPU manual will be accessible, understandable and practical.


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