Project Details Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry - Portuguese translation of IUPAC Green Book

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 March 2017
End Date:
23 April 2018


The main objective is to produce the translation of IUPAC’s Green Book (“Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry” – 3rd ed.) into Portuguese. This translation is being carried out with the official support of the Brazilian Chemical Society and the Portuguese Chemical Society.

!! First release available !! for download from the SBQ website at – see Progress tab for details


The rationale of this “Livro Verde” project is to carry out a Portuguese translation taking into account language and usage differences in Brazil and in Portugal. Thus this translation will have as base version the Portuguese language in use in Brazil; whenever orthography, terms, expressions etc. differ from those in use in Portugal, this will be noted.

[A precursor to this translation project is the project 2008-007-3-100 ; for the original ‘Green book’ see project 110-2-81]


The translation is being done using an internet-based Wiki platform, so all involved (coordinators and other scientists that are knowledgeable on specific topics covered in the book) can easily access the material and progress can be easily followed by the coordination.

It also allows for the original Latex commands for symbols etc. to be kept, which is a key issue requested by Commission I.1.
The use of the internet based Wiki platform has proven to be essential for the successful progress of this trans-continental work, as it has allowed the involved persons to do their work with a minimum of travel and a maximum reduction of expenses. Once the base version of the translation (Portuguese language in use in Brazil) for a given section of the book is ready, a pdf version of this section is compiled from the material in the Wiki platform to facilitate the visualization of the translated section. Based on this pdf file, the base version is revised / modified / annotated to take into account differences in orthography, terms, expressions etc. in use in Portugal.


April 2018 update – The Sociedade Brasileira de Química (SBQ) and the Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ) have released jointly, for the first time, a Portuguese translation (in the Brazilian and Portuguese variants) of the 3rd edition of the so-called IUPAC Green Book, i.e. Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry.

> Access to the Livro Verde in e-book (PDF) format is freely available for download from the SBQ website at  (ISBN 978-85-64099-19-7)

In an e-book format, with 272 pages, and with the prospect of an interactive edition in the future, the Livro Verde is the first release of EditSBQ (SBQ’s book publishing division) in 2018.

> Access to the printed version of the Livro Verde (available since the 2018 SBQ Annual Meeting, 21-24 May) published by SBQ; ISBN 978-85-64099-20-3. See or

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