Project Details Successful Drug Discovery - Volume 3

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01 September 2016
End Date:
30 June 2018
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Chemistry and Human Health Division
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The second volume of “Successful Drug Discovery” will be published in October 2016 by Wiley-VCH. The new project continues to present new drug discoveries: small-molecule-, peptide- and protein-based drugs. This will include both pioneer drugs (first in class drugs) and drug analogues (follow on drugs) in a range of therapeutic areas. The major part of the book is devoted to case histories of new drug discoveries described by their key inventors.

The goal of Vol. 3 of Successful Drug Discovery is to help the participants of the drug research community with a reference book series and to support teaching in medicinal chemistry and drug research with case histories and review articles of new drugs. It should serve as a publication forum for inventors to publish their research work.



The following chapters are planned :

1. New Trends in Drug Discovery (Gerd Schnorrenberg, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany)
2. Patenting Drugs and Biologics (Ulrich Storz, Michalski Huettermann & Partner, Düsseldorf, Germany)
3. Evolution of Non-Steroidal Androgen Receptor Antagonists (Arwed Cleve, Bayer Pharma Berlin, Germany)
4. T-Cell-engaging Bispecific Antibody Contruct Blinatumomab for the Treatment of Patients with Relapsed and Refractory Acute B-Lymhoblastic Leukemia (Patrick A. Baeuerle, MPM Capital, Cambridge, USA)
5. Successful Drug Discovery : Ceritinib (Pierre-Yves Michellys, Novartis, Switzerland)
6. Discovery and Mechanisms of Action of the CD38-Targeting Antibody Daratumomab (Paul Parren, Genmab BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
7. The Discovery of Obeticholic Acid (OCALIVA), First in Class FXR Agonist (Roberto Pellicciari, TES Pharma S.r.l., Perugia, Italy)
8. Discovery and Development of Obinutuzumab, a Glycoengineered Type II CD20 Antibody (GAZYVA, GAZYVARO) (Christian Klein, Roche Pharmaceutical Research, Schlieren, Switzerland)
9. Omarigliptin (MARIZEV): A Once-weekly Oral Antidiabetic Agent (Tesfaye Biftu, Merck & Co., Kenilworth, USA)
10. Opicapone, a Novel Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Inhibitor (COMT) to Manage the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
(Laszlo Kiss, BIAL-PORTELA S.A., Mamede do Coronado, Portugal)
11. The Discovery of Osimertinib (AZT9291) (Richard A. Ward, AstraZeneca, UK)
12. Discovery and Development of Safinamide, a New Drug for the Treatment of Parkinson’s
Disease (Mario Varasi, IFOM Institute, Milan, Italy)


April 2018 update – Volume 3 of “Successful Drug Discovery” is published in print as well as in digital format. It is available online at (first published 16 Apr 2018)

A print or e-book copy may be ordered through


See also book review by Peter Bernstein, first published: 16 August 2018

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