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01 September 2016
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Committee on Chemistry and Industry
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This workshop is the 5th one after those held successfully in Marl, Germany on 24-25 April 2008, Kawasaki, Japan 7-8 April 2009, on a smaller scale in Kuwait on 9 March 2010 and in Toronto in June 2012.

Although IUPAC occupies a unique and esteemed position at the center of the world of chemistry, better communication and understanding is needed. It is desirable for IUPAC to strengthen its relationship with chemical industries and seek more suggestions from them for future initiatives.

This 5th workshop will focus on China and surrounding countries, where many growing chemical companies are situated. It will improve communications not only between chemical industries and IUPAC, but also among industries in the value chain as well as chemical societies/NAOs, academia and government organisations.

The major subjects will be
1) The developing status and trend of petrochemical industry in China
2) Oil product quality upgrade technology
3) High-end materials
4) Energy saving and emission reduction
5) Safety engineering
6) Coal chemistry



The prior workshops were held in conjunction with the annual meeting of COCI, thus minimizing the costs while involving the whole COCI membership. Going into the regional areas helped to attract a wide participation from companies, trade and professional associations. We hope to have the same effect in Beijing for the countries of the region. Here we especially intend to increase the network and cooperation in the area and we aim to explore increasing the number of Company Associates (CAs) and strengthening the ties to the existing CAs.

The workshop will last for one day. There will be 8-10 reports and up to 40 participants. There will be one speaker from Japan and one from India and possibly one from South Korea. The other speakers will be from China. As participants, besides COCI members, we are inviting IUPAC members who live in China, and experts from chemical companies, industry associations, universities as well as SINOPEC.

The venue for the Workshop is the SINOPEC HQ
DATE: Monday 12 September 2016
and COCI meeting on Tuesday 13 September 2016


The COCI Regional Workshop in Beijing was the 5th such workshop organised by members of the committee and held in different global regions and with relevant topical agendas. This workshop brought together speakers from China, Korea, India, and Switzerland. The focus of the meeting was Sustainability and how industry is working towards this goal.

COCI Members and workshop participants

In addition to Prof. Qi-Feng Zhou, the Workshop was opened with welcoming remarks by Dr. Zaiku Xie, the host of the Workshop, and Dr. Bernard West, the Chair of COCI. There were also several local speakers, as well as members of COCI from Canada, USA/Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Korea, and Russia.

The workshop was divided into four sessions, including presentations, Q&As.

Download report summary ; a short version i published in Chem Int April 2017;

Project completed
Past last update 26 May 2017