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Start Date:
01 March 2016
End Date:
30 November 2017
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International conferences, in bringing researchers from different backgrounds and different levels of access to opportunities together, are ideal venues for educational activities to improve the practice of science, particularly in the emerging nations.

This planned series of interactive annual educational workshops (2016-2019) on polymer science is intended primarily for students or active researchers from emerging countries. One topic will be focused on each educational workshop, which are planned to be held one day before each of the major international meetings MACRO2016, PolyChar2017, MACRO2018 and PolyChar2019, lasting for either a day or half a day. Rather than be confined to a single day of oral presentations, it is intended that the workshop content will be maintained on the website of the IUPAC Sub-committee on Polymer Education.


To start, we will identify experts from the committee members of IUPAC Polymer Division or the keynote or invited speakers of MACRO2016 and propose them as the invited speakers for the educational workshop in 2016 (one day before MACRO2016). Their lectures shall emphasize on basic science, terms and concepts that are critical to experimental design and data interpretation in polymer science and technology. Task group co-chairs will coordinate the discussions and to facilitate a more in-depth interaction between the experts and the attendees and postgraduates and young researchers.

Promotion of IUPAC Educational Workshop during the Opening Ceremony of MACRO2016 on 18 July 2016

Proposed program in 2016 (1/2 day)
Theme: Polymer synthesis (in conjunction with MACRO2016, Istanbul)
Date: Sunday, 17 July 2016, after lunch (after the conclusion of IUPAC Polymer Division meeting)
Venue: Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Number of participants: Roughly 100


April 2016 update: Download information 2015-057-1-400_polyedu_workshop_leaflet8_20apr16!

March 2017 final update:
Macro2016 edu program with access to pdf of the visual aids

Time Lecture Speaker
12.00 pm Registration
Educational workshop
12.15 pm – 1.00 pm Radical polymerizations I – chain growth basics (pdf 10.7MB) Prof. Dr. Devon A. Shipp
1.00 pm – 1.45 pm Radical polymerizations II – special cases (pdf 11.7MB) Prof. Dr. Devon A. Shipp
Special tutorial
1.45 pm – 2.30 pm Size-exclusion chromatography as a useful tool for the assessment of polymer quality and determination of macromolecular properties (pdf 2MB) Dr. Peter Kilz
CTI 2021,
Educational workshop
2.30 pm – 3.00 pm Tea break
3.00 pm – 3.45 pm Radical Addition-Fragmentation and RAFT polymerization I (pdf 6MB) Dr. Graeme Moad /
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chris Fellows
CTI 2021, and
3.45 pm – 4.30 pm Radical Addition-Fragmentation and RAFT polymerization II Dr. Graeme Moad /
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chris Fellows
4.30 pm Grand opening and plenary lectures of MACRO2016

The visual aids are also available at the MACRO2016 website, together with a framing narrative, the speakers’ profile and abstracts:

Feedback from participants (11 respondents):
• > 70% requested lectures on each topics to be presented in more extended way
• > 60% evaluated the lectures with scale 4 and 5 (range from 1 to 5, where 5 = being most useful)
• > 50% were interested in having post workshop discussion with the speakers during MACRO2016
• 100% agreed that having the powerpoint slides (downloadable from conference website) available for the workshop was helpful

In total, roughly 55-60 participants from different continents attended the workshop. The next “Educational Workshop in Polymer Sciences 2017” will be coordinated as part of the 25th POLYCHAR and managed within IUPAC project 2016-033-1-400.


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