Project Details Methods of analysis depending on measurement of mass and volume - Revision of the Orange book CHAPTER 3

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01 September 2015
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Analytical Chemistry Division
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Collection and harmonization of terminology pertaining to currently relevant analytical techniques and methodologies set the grounds for effective communication in science, much beyond Analytical Chemistry.

> Orange Book (4th edition) draft content: project 2012-005-1-500


“Analytical chemistry is a scientific discipline that develops and applies methods, instruments, and strategies to obtain information on the composition and nature of matter…” This statement points to all steps that lead to the ultimate goal which is quantitative information on the analyzed system. They all rely, one way or another, on mass and volume measurements and values. These quantities, their respective units and symbols will be revisited with updated historical and scientific developments.


April 2017 update – A draft has been completed and will be reviewed at the General Assembly in Sao Paulo, July 2017.

March 2018 update – Technical report as Pure and Applied Chemistry 2018, 90(3), pp. 563-603;

Dissemination has taken place through publication in Química, the Newsletter of Sociedade Portuguesa de Química, the Portuguese NAO, and by means of several invited lectures, namely at the National Meeting of Analytical Chemistry and at the Portuguese NMI (IPQ) Session commemorating the World Metrology Day. Ref: Maria F. Camões, The kilogram and the mole: redefinition and metrological traceability (O quilograma e a mole: redefinição e rastreabilidade metrológica), QUÍMICA, 42, 148 (2018) 45 (see, page 45)

Further dissemination and educational actions are planned in 2019, especially with the announced release of the new SI in May 2019.

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