Project Details IUPAC's contribution to achieving the new UN Sustainable Development Goals -- the focus for the 2015 WCLM

Project No.:
Start Date:
23 March 2015
End Date:
30 June 2016
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Organize the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCML) for the 48th IUPAC General Assembly with a theme of addressing IUPAC’s role in achieving the environmental/socio-economic issues raised in the UN millennium goals.

Intended Outcomes

  1. Develop specific recommendations for the most productive and relevant areas where IUPAC can contribute towards the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Formation of an IUPAC-UN-SDG working group with appropriate representation from a variety of IUPAC bodies and Young Observers to facilitate the development of IUPAC Projects based on the activities ranked as highest priority from the WCLM.
  3. Development of three high-profile IUPAC projects prior to the next WCLM.


The World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCLM) meets during the IUPAC biannual Congress/General Assembly. It offers a platform for representatives from National Adhering Organizations (NAOs), including presidents of chemical societies, regional chemical federations, industry trade associations from across the world, to meet and to raise, discuss and address pertinent issues which concerned members of the chemistry community.

Early WCML events have focused on the needs of the developing and economically disadvantaged countries. The question of how the chemical societies and trade associations in the developed countries could plan, using the resources available to them and to work with related organizations to strengthen chemistry in those countries and also to assist in their development was explored. In the last GA a forum was established in which Young Observers could be involved in raising and addressing these issues.

The next WCLM will be in Korea in August 2015 and will address issues which have emerged from previous discussions particularly through the involvement of the Young Observers.

Pressures of population growth and climate change throughout the world, as well as the opportunities offered by the development of the new era of global interaction have led to the understanding of the need to redefine the role of the scientific and industrial professional communities in addressing and partaking in the debate on sustainable development and offer suitable solutions relevant to all walks of life. As a result the next WCLM will aim to address the relevant Environmental/socio-economic issues raised in the UN millennium goals and examine the contribution that the Chemistry community can make to realize them in a sustainable way.


Specific Tasks

1. Develop a half-day WCLM public program at the 48th General Assembly in Busan, Korea including presentations and panel discussion focused on a theme of the recently released United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, (

> Download program WCLM_flyer_v150803 (pdf as of 3 Aug 2015) or link to meeting announcement

2. Engage Young Observers in activities related to the WCLM theme both in advance and during the General Assembly. A reception hosted by Division VI, COCI and CCE will be used as a kick-off event for the YOs. IUPAC leaders will work with teams of YOs to develop their ideas related to IUPAC’s role in achieving the UN SDGs. The YO teams will report out their results at the WCLM.

> Link to GA schedule

3. A panel and group discussion at the WCLM to identify the highest priority tasks.

4. Create an IUPAC-UN SDG working group to facility development and implementation of specific projects based on outcomes of the WCLM.

5. At least three high-profile projects will be developed prior to the next WCLM.


May 2016 update – A report on the WCLM 215 and a related feature titled “Tackling the Big Challenges of the Future – the Role of Chemistry”, by Javier Garcia Martinez, are published in Chem Int May 2016, pp. 10-14;

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