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01 February 2015
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08 December 2017
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The IUPAC strategy will be reviewed and updated to develop a new IUPAC Strategic Plan. The current strategic plan is twelve years old and is in need of revisiting. The strategy review will be used to define IUPAC’s unique role and value within the chemical enterprise so that its contributions are recognized for their impact in ways that no other chemical society or organization can do alone. Clear and consistent communication of IUPAC’s contributions and value to the broader chemistry community, other unions, and the public will result. A vision across the Union should be agreed that will help generate new projects in new areas and focus on issues of strategic importance to IUPAC.


The task group will define and administer a process for gathering information via a questionnaire or other similar means; evaluating the information, and drafting a one-page strategy statement which would include vision statement, mission statement, and a brief set of overall short-term (1 to 3 years) and longer term (3 to 5 years) goals for review and endorsement by IUPAC leadership.

The goal will be to complete this high level strategic plan by August 2015.

This task group will have the goals of identifying answers to the following questions:

  • How can IUPAC be characterized today?
  • What is our vision of a successful IUPAC in 2019 and beyond?
  • How can IUPAC reach that goal?

Representative members of the stakeholder groups will be invited to assess, from their point of view, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that IUPAC faces. The strategic review will focus on questions such as the following:

  • How should IUPAC balance its emphasis on its traditional areas in chemistry with new and emerging science? How should IUPAC distinguish itself from national and regional chemical societies?
  • How can IUPAC’s science knowledge be made available effectively to benefit the greater society, particularly the developing world?


January 2016 update – A task group has completed a review of IUPAC strategy, with a focus on defining IUPAC’s unique role in the chemical enterprise and enabling it to contribute effectively in the coming years. Survey input from a broad range of IUPAC volunteers, members, and stakeholders, as well as scientists outside the Union, informed the development of a new vision and mission statement, and new core values, goals, and objectives. Constructive comments and support from members of the Bureau and the NAOs have helped refine the elements of this new strategy, which was presented in August 2015 to the Council and to our volunteers in the Divisions and Standing Committees as they direct their efforts toward achieving these goals.

The Strategic Plan is published online and in Chem Int Jan 2016, p. 4

Dec 2017 update – A further objective was a development from the strategic plan – value propositions for the major stakeholders of IUPAC. A value proposition is a statement that describe the benefits of membership in IUPAC, how IUPAC serves the stakeholders’ needs, and what makes IUPAC unique from their perspective. Surveys were developed and sent to each major set of stakeholders: NAOs, CAs (including members of the Committee on Chemistry and Industry), volunteers, and affiliates; and the responses were used to develop value propositions for each set. The task group was again assisted by Mr. Dunlap, and members of the Membership Relations Committee of the Bureau participated as well. The value proposition results for Company Associates and Affiliates contributed to new offerings for each group, and the statements are intended to provide the basis for MRC work in the coming biennium. The work on value propositions was reported to the Bureau in July 2017 and to the Executive Committee in November 2017; the presentation to the EC is attached here (PDF -227KB).

Project completed

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