Project Details International Tutorial on Polymer Characterization - 23rd POLYCHAR Short Course

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01 January 2015
End Date:
31 December 2016
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The POLYCHAR SHORT COURSE in Polymer Characterization is an international, interactive tutorial placed with a 23 years tradition that takes place on the day before the IUPAC Conference POLYCHAR WORLD FORUM ON ADVANCED POLYMER MATERIALS. One of the goals of the conference is to provide a forum for students and young scientists to present their results on a distinguished international conference and to meet with colleagues and renowned international scientists. Hence, the chronological proximity of the SHORT COURSE to the conference offers the unique opportunity to gain distinguished specialists as lecturers of the tutorial and the chance to meet and discuss with them not only during the tutorial but also the following conference. This project focuses exclusively on students from developing countries to make it possible to up-date their knowledge in state-of-the art Polymer Characterization at the same time giving them the chance to actively attend the conference.


The tutorial (Short Course) covers different techniques of polymer characterization presented by experts in the field in a condensed 1-day course of about 1-hr duration for each topic. The areas covered in 2015 will be:

  • Microscopy (Holger Schonherr, Germany)
  • Photochemistry in Polymer Science (Brett P. Fors, USA)
  • Friction, Wear and Scratch Resistance (Witold Brostow, USA)
  • Solid State NMR (Bernhard Blumich, Germany)
  • Rheology & Processing (Dirk Schubert, Germany)
  • Glass Transition and Glass Transition Temperature (Jean-Marc Saiter, France)
  • Scattering (Jean-Michel Guenet, France)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Properties (Kevin Menard, USA)
  • Micromechanics (Sven Henning, Germany)

The tutorial takes advantage of the fact that the course lecturers are participants of the following conference and are available for the students for a whole week. Topics (updated each year) and instructors use to change slightly every year to keep the system dynamic. Hand-outs will be provided for the registered participants in electronic or printed form. The conference and short course fee for the supported students will be waived.


See recent POLYCHAR reports:
– POLYCHAR 21, Chem Int July 2013, p. 32
– POLYCHAR 22, Chem Int Sep 2014, p.27 (

Visit POLYCHAR 23 website @
A report from POLYCHAR 23 is published in Chem Int Sep 2015, p. 42 (

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